ReGenesis Consulting, LLC is a career and image consulting company that focuses on assisting our clients develop skills through different stages of their personal and professional careers. Our symbol, a butterfly,  symbolizes transformation and joy. At ReGenesis, we empower our clients with skill sets to reach goals and next life phase chapters.

Image Analysis

Career Development

Resume Writing Networking & Small Business Branding

How We Succeed

Our consulting experts customize and tailor plans to client’s unique needs in order to propel them to their next major personal or professional goal. 

​​Services are presented in several formats. One-on-one consultation, classroom instruction, seminar and workshop presentations.

Our Clients


Career & Image Consulting

At ReGenesis, we have a diverse client base ranging from corporate executives and employees and high school and college graduates seeking internships and first time employment. We also take on clients coping with job loss, workforce reentry after divorce or incarceration, and clients undergoing daunting career changes.